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Choose from our wide collection of Ready-To-Play bespoke themed Sensory and Play dough boxes for your everyday play session with your child.

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What is Sensory Play?

Sensory play focuses on activities that engage your child's senses, helping them develop language skills and motor skills. It also helps with cognitive growth, fosters social interactions and encourages experimentation

Introducing our Bespoke themed Sensory & Play dough boxes


    Our subscription service is a convenient way to ensure your kids regularly get fresh sensory play experiences. As a subscriber, you'll get a unique themed sensory box every month that's not available anywhere else. Plus, you'll get extras and perks with your subscription.

    If there's a sensory box that we do plan to release to non-subscribers, it will be at a later date and for a much higher price,

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  • September Subscription theme : Sushi-ya

    Get ready to “taco” bout fun! 🌮

    Introducing our sizzling new play dough kit with a delicious taco fiesta theme that'll spice up your creativity.

    Let your imagination run wild as you mold, shape, and create your very own edible-looking masterpieces.

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